The Wedding Package is a unique 4-in-1 offering of planning and coordination, DJ services, wedding photography (including free engagement photos), and photobooth created to make your wedding day as seamless as possible.

Planning:  After years of experience as a wedding DJ and photographer, Kevin noticed a big problem at every event: The bride and groom were too often so caught up in chasing down the details that they weren't taking care of the most important one -- being fully present and enjoying their day. No one wants to look back on their wedding day and feel like they just ran from one thing to the next juggling decisions and worrying about mishaps, and Kevin saw a way to use his expertise to ensure that couples he worked with wouldn't have to.

By incorporating planning that tackles often-overlooked details step by step, he creates a blueprint for a wedding that's low stress and exactly what the bride and groom dreamed of, focused on moments and memories with family, friends, and each other. Many couples report that they thought planning was the least important piece of the package, but now see that it was the most crucial part of their perfect day.


He knew things I never would have thought of and that knowledge made our wedding day a DREAM. He is ready for everything and expects the unexpected.
— Orrin & Veronica Palmer

Photography:   While photographs are the key to capturing memories, fitting them into a wedding schedule can be stressful for brides and grooms. With limited time in the day, it's not uncommon to feel rushed to get the shots done and move on to the next item on the itinerary. Kevin's excellent instincts and attention to detail mean that will not be your experience. During the planning process, Kevin tailors the schedule to include a comfortable amount of time to take all the shots you want at the locations you want, treating photography as an integral event instead of an afterthought. In addition to an impeccable artistic eye, Kevin has a unique talent for capturing a couple's personality, interests and emotional connection with the camera and is happy to work with you to incorporate a beloved pet, career, or special interest into pictures at your request.

When you work with Kevin, you do not just get photographs…you get an experience…every shot tells a story…he finds a way to capture YOU…the essence of your personality. So talented, patient, and sincere.
— Heather Caponi

DJ:   When the ceremony is over, entertainment will play a huge role in a successful day for you and your guests. Everyone has been to a reception where it's not clear what comes next: you miss the cake cutting, accidentally leave the room for the first dance, and everyone's too shy to be first on the floor when the party starts. By combining day-of coordination with DJ services, Kevin makes sure that each of these moments happen without a hitch which includes making sure your guests are aware and engaged.

Not only do you get a high end sound system, lights, and thousands of songs to choose from, you also get an incredibly high energy, engaging DJ who has the skill and versatility to read and cater to the crowd's mood and energy for a fun, interactive night that everyone will remember.

The energy at our wedding was sky high, the dance floor was packed 100% of the reception after dinner and Kevin was so attentive.
— Katie McAuliffe

Photo Booth:   There was a time when a photo booth at a wedding meant a bulky, boxy, machine that took up most of the reception room or ended up in another space entirely, and sometimes that might still be the case. Instead, this package includes an open air photo booth which provides all the fully automated fun with a much less intrustive set up. With a tiny 1 ft. x 2 ft. footprint, this booth will fit in any reception space, and without the constraints of a tent or enclosure, you'll be able to fit everyone for that group shot of all the cousins, the whole sorority, or all your golfing buddies. Two photo strips print out on the spot, customized with a header of your choosing (name, date, hashtag, etc.) making them a great memento for your guests, or a fun addition to the guest book!

Then there was the photo booth he provided , for all to dress in funny hats and glasses to capture colored pictures that guests got to take home as a remembrance of the day’s happenings.
— Barb Bausch

Great service, great equipment and a positive, client-centered philosophy

are at the heart of this package:



Our team believes in a new way of planning. We do not want you to be chasing your wedding all day long.

  • The details that we focus on are small and simple events and transitions.

  • We plan extra time to get things done, so that if everything runs late on your wedding day, the worst case would be that you were on time.

  • The team shows up early so to avoid a rushed atmosphere.

  • Please remember weddings are not hard. They should not be advertised as being hard. They are just a million small decisions put together, when broken down, they are always simple questions.

  • How many times will you be able to meet and plan? As many times as you need or want. You should feel completely comfortable and in control.


When it comes to your engagement and wedding photography we work to create a fun, relaxing environment for you to be yourself.

  • Our team does not believe in any time limits for your photography. We shoot for the entire day. You also get all of your photos in full resolution for free.
  • Our team does not believe in deleting your photos. Yes, we will give you the best, but we will also give you the worst as well so you never have to wonder if you are missing a memory.
  • Our team does not sell you over-priced prints. You have co-copyright privileges to share and print all of the photos anywhere you want for the rest of your life.


  • All DJ setups are high-end BOSE systems.
  • You get up to three PA systems to cover different areas of your wedding (e.g. ceremony, cocktails, reception).
  • You get 8 hours of DJ.
  • Tasteful dance lights included to create atmosphere on the dance floor.

Open Air Photo Booth

  • You get five hours of open air photo booth access. At most events, you only need four, but we you the fifth so guests don't lose time during dinner. Usage is unlimited for those five hours.

  • You receive two 2x6 strips that include four photos for each time you use the booth.

  • You can choose either black and white or color photos with a push of a button.

  • The team provides props for your event.

  • You get to choose what phrase or photo you would like to appear at the top of every strip.

  • The team will provide you with a thumb drive of all the photos ready to take home at the end of the night so you won't miss a single embarrassing moment.




4 - In - ONE Wedding Package Pricing

(Includes: Wedding Coordination, Photography, DJ, Open Air Photo Booth)

2017 Rate - $5,500.00

2018 Rate - $6000.00

2019 Rate - $6500.00


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